Come Check out the making of the MicroCosmicColorCake at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017.

Olla Vogala's collaboration with Public Pie at Atelier NL, Bergmannstraat 76.


Olla vogala marble pie's was launched at 'Into The Great Wide Open Festival 2017' in collaboration with Public Pie.


At the festival Olla vogala was experimenting with recipies for edible Art with deliscious fungis-like esthetics.



During Design week Eindhoven the 'Magic Mushroom' stool is exhibited on the show 'DOOM PA DI DEE' at Sectie C.

Four visitors can win a workshop with Olla Vogala, in which they create new marble and fungus-like structures mixing all sorts of ingredients together.




The FREE DRUGS series go Geruilla and take over the streets of Paris!



The psychedelic marbles are featured in a collaboration with Parking Club in the project FREE DRUGS that is exhibited during Paris Design Week.


FREE DRUGS is a series of three posters

that deal with advertisement and psychedelia,

and with what is public and what is forbidden.

Each edition advertise a recipe to extract a strong

hallucinogenic drug out of ordinary decorative plants.

The recipees are hidden on the back of the posters.


FREE DRUGS for Paris Design Week

at Wanderlust, Paris


Friday 13th of september

from 8 - 11 pm

32 Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 3e




The limited editions MORNING GLORY, SAN PEDRO &

WHITE NERVE PLANT will be available, numbered and signed by Olla Vogala and Parking Club at 0FR Galerie


Limited edition release and drinks

Tuesday 10th of September

from 6 pm

0FR Galerie

20 rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris 3e

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